Standing Calf Raises & Marching

These exercises improves blood flow, strength and stability in the lower legs and make activities like climbing stairs and stepping over objects easier.

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Put one hand on a wall, desk or countertop for support if needed and push through the toes to lift the heels as high as you can. This should be an even and controlled motion both up and down. As it gets easier, try to use less or no support. This exercise improves blood flow, strength and stability in the lower leg.

Now go back to using that support if needed and lift the knees as high as you can, alternating legs each time. Working on raising the knee and foot high up is useful to make things like climbing stairs, getting in or out of the bath, or stepping over something on the floor or sidewalk easier.

Do this without support when you are ready. It’s okay if you sway a little bit as you switch sides, just keep the back straight and try to put the foot back down in the same spot.

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