Seated Posture

Improving posture can make breathing easier, help with back and neck pain, enhance our digestion, reduce heartburn and decrease seated stress incontinence.

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Start by slouching over, curling your tailbone under and drooping your head forward like a wilted flower. Try to take a breath. You’ll find it’s harder to take a deep full breath when you’re slouched since our lungs have less space to expand.

Now arch your back, sticking your bottom out and pulling your head back. This isn’t good either, because you’ve shortened your low back muscles and made your belly tight, which still makes it tough to breathe properly and is not very comfortable.

Now take your hands and put them under your bottom so you feel your hip bones on your fingers. Slouch again, and then arch your back again. Notice how the bones roll on and off your hands. Come to the middle, where you can feel the hip bones pressing straight down on your fingers. This is typically where we can best line up our hips, ribs, shoulders and neck so they are all stacked nicely over one another.  You can use this trick anytime you need help improving your posture.

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