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Photo of Introduction to Pelvic & Digestive  Section

Introduction to Pelvic & Digestive Section

Categories: Pelvic, Introductions

Learn how a hospital visit or a long, severe illness can affect your pelvic and digestive health, and what you can do about it.

Photo of Standing Posture

Standing Posture

Categories: Standing, Exercise

Improving posture can make breathing easier, help with back and neck pain, enhance our digestion and improve pelvic floor function.

Photo of Supine Marching

Supine Marching

Categories: Supine, Exercise

This exercise strengthens abdominal and hip muscles as well as helping to stabilize your lower back.

Photo of Pelvic Proper Toileting Position

Pelvic Proper Toileting Position

Categories: Pelvic, How To, Seated

Learn how to change your toileting position to better relax the pelvic muscles, making it easier to eliminate stool from the body.

Photo of

"ILU" Self-Massage Technique for Abdominal Discomfort

Categories: Pelvic, How To, Seated

Learn how you can use the "ILU" self-massage technique for bloating, constipation, diarrhea and general abdominal discomfort.

Photo of Amanda Kirpitch

Amanda Kirpitch

Category: Expert Interviews

Registered dietitian Amanda Kirpitch touches on the challenges of decreased appetite, access to food, what to eat when recovering, diabetes management, how to find a nutrition therapist, and why you absolutely need to stay hydrated.