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Photo of Dr. Marilyn Moffat

Dr. Marilyn Moffat

Category: Expert Interviews

World renowned physical therapist Marilyn Moffat sheds light on the role physical therapists must play in COVID recovery.

Photo of Dr. Jessica Larsen

Dr. Jessica Larsen

Category: Expert Interviews

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jessica Larsen discusses COVID-related stress and trauma and when and how to get the help you need.

Photo of Dr. Phillip Mirian

Dr. Phillip Mirian

Category: Expert Interviews

Frontline physical therapist Dr. Phillip Mirian speaks about treating COVID-19 patients, and what to do once you are back home.

Photo of Amanda Kirpitch

Amanda Kirpitch

Category: Expert Interviews

Registered dietitian Amanda Kirpitch touches on the challenges of decreased appetite, access to food, what to eat when recovering, diabetes management, how to find a nutrition therapist, and why you absolutely need to stay hydrated.