Clinical Resources for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists have a huge role to play in the rehabilitation of people who have survived severe reactions to COVID-19 and who demonstrate residual functional deficits or limitations. We may see intensive care unit acquired weakness (ICU-AW) or the rapid loss of muscle mass, bone mineral density and effects on other body systems from prolonged bedrest and illness. There is also potential damage done by the virus itself to neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary structures, among others.

Using standardized functional outcome measures provides us with a common language through which we can demonstrate progress for our patients, the success of our treatment interventions, and the ability to compare our findings across multiple countries, settings and practitioners. Together, we can discover the best practices for treatment at a time when our patients are particularly vulnerable. They need us to be up-to-date and offering the best possible care we can. We owe it to them.

Click here for a downloadable packet of suggested functional tests and measures that can be a helpful starting point. It includes outsourced videos and information on how to perform the tests properly.

Other high quality resources for best practices and up-to-date information: